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    European Fitness And European Juniors & Masters Championships
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  • Santa Susanna, Spain
    Santa Susanna, is a popular touristic resort, located at the Mediterranean cost of Catalonia (Spain). Santa Susanna, as an international tourist centre, has gained a renowned reputation in the field of promotion, management and implementation of international sports and cultural events. It has been the successful venue site of 6 consecutive World Women championships and is known as the capital of Fitness.

    The EUROPEAN BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS FEDERATION (EBFF), Santa Susanna City Hall and the Tourist Foundation of Santa Susanna extend a warm welcome to all EBFF National Federations to participate in the 2013 EBFF European Amateur Fitness Championships & 2013 EBFF European Amateur Juniors & Masters Championships.

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  • Mr Europe Pro 2013
    Visit the official website of the 2013 Mr Europe Pro competition, which will be held during the Santa Susanna Fitness Weekend, on May 4th 2013 in Santa Susanna, SPIAN.

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  • European Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation
    Bodybuilding has begun to develop in Europe in the 19th century (championships in London) but it was only a local activity, not a sport and only through Ben and Joe Weider's leadership and dedication, we became a sport. Now Europe is a meaningful part of the IFBB. Over 70% of medals at the World Championships are won by European athletes. That means a greater responsibility and higher demands on our activities. We are a part of the world bodybuilding family and we are here to continue and to follow the ideals of our leaders and our fans. This is the main reason to be here, this is the main reason to establish the European Federation. The European Federation is a team of nations working together inside the IFBB for the benefit of our port.
    Dr. Rafael Santonja


European Fitness and European Juniors & Masters Championships

Welcome to the Official Santa Susanna Fitness Weekend website, home of the European Fitness and European Juniors & Masters. Championships. Find the latest information involving this event presented by the European Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation. Get the latest information about the competition, our competitors, results and rankings!

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European EBFF Championships Santa Susanna 2013

The Santa Susanna double date hosting two European Continental Championships is already a new record for the locality, with the presence of more than 400 athletes from nearly 40 countries, in the biggest event in the long history of the IFBB.
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